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The Tripatite commission agreed to  

Implement an action plan covering the period from February 2021(As per Annexe III) which covers the modalities of the voluntary repatriation of Nigerian refugees in Minawao camp who wish to return to the Republic of Nigeria.

Ensure that refugees make an informed decision about voluntary repatriation, an information note on the return assistance package will be updated and shared with the entire refugee community.

Undertake in the first phase the voluntary repatriation of 4982 Nigerian refugees of 751 household pre-identified by the Bornu State Government as owing houses in Bama and Banki towns and to follow UNHCR voluntary repatriation procedures. The process for subsequent phases of the repatriation should be initiated immediately by the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Republic of Cameroon and UNHCR.

Ensure that UNHCR and its partners granted unfettered access to refugees and returnees on both sides of Cameroonian and Nigerian borders for purpose of the voluntary repatriation.

The commission agreed to facilitate the safe and dignified return movement using buses for individuals, with social distancing and trucks for luggage by road, with security and medical escorts.

The voluntary repatriation will be done in adherence to the agreed COVID 19 protocols in both countries.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria and UNHCR commit to integrate the returnees in existing humanitarian assistance, livelihood and social investment programs and will advocate for other organisations to do the same paying particular attention to those with specific needs.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria and UNHCR Nigeria to advocate for the returnees to be included in the existing food assistance schemes of WFP and the livelihood programmes of the Food and Agricultural organisation (FAO).

Continuation of education for the returnees is the responsibility of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

All parties to the Tripartite Agreement should be committed to the mobilisation of material and financial resources for the voluntary repatriation of Nigerian refugees

The first convoy should take place between 27th of February to 7th of March 2021.

The Technical Working Group will meet as deemed appropriate to review the progress made as per attached action plan.

Done in Maroua, Cameroon, on the 10th day of February 2021