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Day 3 if the inter ministerial delegation of 7, in the Far North was punctured by a visit on rehabilitation works of the Maroua-Mora 61km road. In a press briefing each member of government gave a round up on their sector in the short, medium and long term basis. The meeting took place at the Governors office this September 5, 2020.  Heading the delegation Minister Atanga Nji reassured the population of the Far North region that a comprehensive report will be forwarded forthwith to the Head of State and changes will come sooner than later. The Maroua-Mora-Waza highway that is linking Cameroon to Chad has witnessed several bridges giving way due to floods and heavy rains and leaving stranded passengers. This situation according to the Minister of Public Works will be regulated as soon as possible. 
Meanwhile, a little setback of the delegation caused by an accident of the convoy where 4 vehicles fell in the river with 13 injured taken to the hospital amongst whom was Minster Celestine Ketcha Courtes of Housing and Urban Development who was present in the press briefing debunking social media claims she died.