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President Paul Biya dispatches an inter ministerial delegation with delegation to the site with Atanga Nji Paul of Territorial Administration and  NGALLE BIBEHE Jean Ernest Massena Minister of Transport and his minister delegate were there to have an on-the- spot appraisal and evaluation of a ghastly motor accident that occurred on the night of Saturday breaking Sunday at a bridge near Ndikinimeki on the national road no. 4.

 Upon arrival at the spot, the ministers were briefed by the S.D.O Absalom Wolao Monono, who said the accident claimed 39 lives and 18 people injured. He said of the 18 injured, 12 were in critical conditions and have been evacuated to Yaounde.

Minister Atanga Nji Paul said the Head of State dispatched them to make an evaluation of the situation, bring his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and wish quick recovery to those in the hospitals.

The two ministers and the local authorities visited the Ndikinimeki District Hospital where three of the accident victims were receiving treatment.

It is worthy to recall that incidentally the accidents were caused by two buses belonging to the same traveller's agency.